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The Stun Baton is the only non-lethal weapon in the game.


The Stun Baton functions more like a handheld taser than a baton. Regardless, it is ideal for use on humans and regular Working Joes. The Stun baton does nothing against Reactor Working Joes, even if aimed at their exposed face.

Facehuggers and Alien Eggs are also weak against Stun Batons, though it isn't recommended to use one against them.

The Stun Baton is silent and will not summon the Alien when used, nor any Humans or Working Joes in the vicinity. However, if you use the Baton on a Joe and go on to melee it to take it down, it's the melee part that is noisy and will attract attention.


The Stun Baton is located in the Maintenance and Morgue area wedged between a semi-closed door.

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