Alien: Isolation Wiki

Alien Isolation can be an extremely difficult game at times. The following walkthrough should help you navigate Sevastopol in one piece.

Mission 1 - Closing the Book[]

Explore The Torrens, then head to the bridge.

Mission 2 - Welcome to Sevastopol[]

Find the door code, and get through the main door with new friend Axel.

Mission 3 - Encounters[]

Disable the security lockdown system, and evade the Alien, escaping to Seegson Communications.

Mission 4 - Seegson Communications[]

Find the Motion Tracker, and access the rewire terminal.

Mission 5 - The Quarantine[]

Find the passcode and Dr. Morleys keycard, avoiding the Xenomorph whenever possible.

Mission 6 - The Outbreak[]

Find the Stun Baton, get the passcode, and encounter the synthetics.

Mission 7 - Seegson Synthetics[]

Sneak past the Human Enemies and power up the Requisitions Android to get a compression cylinder.

Mission 8 - Haven[]

Reactivate the transit and use your Cutting Torch to regroup.

Mission 9 - Beacon[]

Activate the distress beacon, retract the winch, and head to the Alien Nest.

Mission 10 - The Trap[]

Get to the airlock, avoid the Xenomorph, and wield the new and mighty Flamethrower.

Mission 11 - Hazard Containment[]

Fight to Marshal Bureau, and save Samuels.

Mission 12 - Synthetic Solution[]

Sneak past the Working Joes, and stop the grid purge.

Mission 13 - Consultation[]

Find the door passcode and gas mas, and disable the A.I. security systems.

Mission 14 - The Descent[]

Survive the Facehuggers, and overload the reactor.

Mission 15 - The Message[]

Take the shuttle to Anesidora, and hear a message from a long-lost friend.

Mission 16 - Transmission[]

Walk on the surface of the Sevastopol, and find The Torrens.

Mission 17 - Desolation[]

Find the passcode and keycard to get to the Spaceflight Terminal.

Mission 18 - Tomorrow, Together[]

Escape to The Torrens and leave Sevastopol forever.

Last Survivor[]

Play as Ellen Ripley and destroy the USCSS Nostromo. Escape via the Narcissus.