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Re: Nostromo Incident
Re: Nostromo Incident
Sender: Saul
Received by: N. Taylor

Re: Nostromo Incident is one of the Logs in the game Alien: Isolation.


To: N. Taylor Re: Nostromo Incident. Weyland-Yutani File #059398476

Hey, Taylor, I got your case request. It may take me a while to dig out the files and the incident happened before my time at the company, so I'm a bit fuzzy on the details.

In 2122, The Weyland-Yutani cargo vessel The USCSS Nostromo went missing. No Trace was found of its cargo or crew, apart from a new science officer, the rest of the crew had worked together before, Seven in all:

Dallas - Captain
Ash - Science Officer
Kane (Or is it Cain?) - Executive Officer
Ripley - Warrant Officer
Lambert - Navigation Officer
Parker - Chief Engineer
Brett - Engineer Technician

Weyland-Yutani lost a lot of money from it, it's a bit of a black mark in the history. Get the impression they don't like to mention it. Anyway, I'll try and find the files later, clarify some of the points if you want I can help you go through them? Maybe some of your luck will rub off on me, I hear upstairs have an eye on you for something big.


November 13th, 2137


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