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The Pipe Bomb is an explosive which detonates on impact. It is lethal to humans and non-industrial synthetics in close proximity. When placed as an explosive trap, it will trigger when enemies are near.
~ In-game description

The Pipe Bomb is a throwable explosive capable of harming humans and androids. It's also capable of scaring off the Alien.

Crafting Cost[]

  • 2 Blasting Cap
  • 1 Ethanol
  • 2 Sensor
  • 2 SCJ Injector
  • 25 Scrap

Blueprint Locations[]

Version 1:

  • Laying on a workbench in the Psychotropic Clinic in the Crisis Stabilisation Unit. This is the room with the Save Point off the narrow corridor that leads from the Staff Quarters to the Private Rooms area.
  • Laying on a gurney in Private Rooms corridor in San Cristobal Medical Facility. In the area where the player must find Dr. Morley's keycard.

Version 2:

  • On the table in the Maintenance Deck Workshop Office in Engineering. In the area where you have to hoist up the wheeled vehicle. Requires Level 3 Security Access Tuner.

Version 3:

  • On the wall in the Staff Entrance Reception Office for San Cristobal Medical. Requires Level 3 Security Access Tuner.

Note: V3 Pipebomb can also be grabbed from the other side of the wall from as early as the start of Mission 5. Just point your rectical up at the wall to get the prompt.

Related Achievements[]


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