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This home-made device continuously emits a high-pitched noise when triggered which will attract a lot of attention. If placed, the device has a handy 4 second delay before it activates.
~ In-game description

The Noisemaker is a simple tool for distraction and decoying. It can be placed or thrown.


It is particularly effective at drawing the Alien away from your location, though repeated use may result in the Alien adapting to the tactic and seeking the location from where the Noisemaker was thrown.

It can also be used to attract the Alien toward human adversaries who you need to get past.

Crafting Cost[]

Blueprint Locations[]

Version 1:

  • Dining table, Human Employee Recreation (near Security Surveillance), Observation Deck, Seegson Communications. You first visit this area during Mission 4.
  • On the counter in the Galley area of the Staff Quarters on the Crisis Stabilisation floor in SciMed. It's the kitchen adjoining the bunk room with the whiteboard in Mission 5.
  • On the desk in the Sales Agreement room in Seegson Synthetics. It is the room in Mission 12 with all the loot after you came through the android showroom

Version 2:

  • On the table in the ante-room to the Server Farm in Lorenz Systech. You encounter it during Mission 10.

Version 3:

  • On the table in the Transit Office up the stairs from the Solomons Habitation transit station. You need the level 3 Security Access Tuner to get into the Transit Office.

Related Achievements[]


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