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The Molotov is an incendiary device which detonates on impact. It is lethal to humans and other organics but synthetics are very resistant to fire. As a modified proximity device, it can be placed as an explosive trap.
~ In-game description

The Molotov is a throwable fluid explosive useful as a weapon or temporary barrier. As it is fire-based, it can fend off the Alien.


Molotovs are primarily used to deter the Alien. When throwing one, try to aim at its feet or at its body. If the Alien is too close when the Molotov explodes, Ripley may be killed regardless or be knocked over and take some damage.

Motolovs should not be used at point blank range as it can instantly kill Ripley, this can happen in tight corridors if the Alien suddenly emerges around a corner. Molotovs are not particularly effective against androids, but the fire will deal damage to them over time.

Crafting Cost[]

  • 1 Blasting Cap
  • 2 Compound B
  • 2 Ethanol
  • 2 Sensor
  • 25 Scrap

Blueprint Locations[]

Version 1:

  • On the desk of the Security Desk room in Primary Care. You must visit this room in Mission 6 in order to obtain the keycard to access the Operating Theater area.
  • On the wall in the small office next door to the Components Warehouse in Seegson Synthetics Storage. (Mission 7).

Version 2:

  • On the floor in the Sales Agreement room in Seegson Synthetics. It is the room in Mission 12 with all the loot after you came through the android showroom.

Version 3:

  • On the counter in the Kitchen on the upper floor of the Lorenz Systech Lobby. You require the level 3 Security Access Tuner to get into the Kitchen.

Related Achievements[]


Story Items Flashlight * Gas Torch * Maintenance Jack * Motion Tracker * Security Access Tuner
Craftable EMP Mine * Flashbang * Medkit * Molotov * Noisemaker * Pipe Bomb * Smoke Bomb
Weapons Bolt Gun * Flamethrower * Maintenance Jack * Revolver * Shotgun * Stun Baton
Components Blasting Cap * Bonding Agent * Charge Pack * Component B * Ethanol *
SCJ Injector * Scrap * Sensor
Others Flare * Flashlight Batteries * ID Tag