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Marshal Waits
Marshal Waits
Marshal Waits lq.png
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Position: Colonial Marshal
Voiced by: William Hope

Marshal Waits is the man in command of Sevastopol's Colonial Marshals.


Due partially to greed, he ignored quarantine protocols and allowed the crew of the Anesidora to board Sevastopol. Though he couldn't have known the full danger, Catherine Foster had been attacked by a parasite that would soon escape and wreak havoc on the entire station. He tried his hardest to keep things quiet and capture the creature without alarming citizens. But by the time it was found it had already grown drastically into a menacing creature. In the end, the Nostromo's empty flight recorder was all he got for the lost lives of many aboard Sevastopol.

Thanks to Amanda Ripley's presence, he was able to not only trap the creature. But eject it and the lab it was trapped in into space. Amanda managed to survive, and was going to give Waits a piece of her mind when she saw him again. But he, and several other survivors, had already met their end to a Working Joe. Signalling the start of special order 939 by way of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation through APOLLO.


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