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It's an animal. Animals are afraid of fire.
~ Marshal Waits

The Flamethrower is a tool used for the express purpose of fending off the creature.


The Flamethrower is best used on scaring away the creature. It is one of two fire related Items in the game; the other being Molotovs. And is one of the few, if not the only, items the creature is afraid of. It won't cause any serious damage to the creature, but it will often run from you when you use it. Assuming Amanda Ripley hasn't overexposed the Flamethrower to the creature. It is best to use only when necessary, as the creature "learns," building up a tolerance and losing its fear of fire. Not to mention the speed at which the ammo is consumed, makes it an item best used tactically.

The item is gained after talking to Marshal Waits in the Marshall's headquarters.

Related Achievements[]

Light 'Em Up
Back Off


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