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The EMP Mine is a device ideal for stunning androids.

Description[edit | edit source][]

The EMP Mine stun regular Working Joes. It has no effect on Heavy Joes (the ones wearing the orange rubber overalls).

Crafting Cost[]

  • 3 Charge Pack
  • 2 Sensor
  • 1 SCJ Injector
  • 2 Bonding Agent
  • 25 Scrap

Blueprint Locations[]

Version 1:

  • On the table in the back room off the Internal Communications control room in Seegson Communications that you visit in Mission 4. It's next to the save point.
  • On the desk in the Nurses' Station in the Psychiatric Ward on the Crisis Stabilisation Unit floor of the SciMed Tower. You first visit this area in Mission 5.

Version 2:

  • On the table of the work room you access via the vent from the Recharge Dock Room in the Upper Concourse of Solomons Habitation Tower.

Version 3:

  • On the console in the Security Office off the Passenger Lounge in the Spaceflight Terminal. Requires the Ion Torch to access the Security Office.

Related Achievements[]


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Weapons Bolt Gun * Flamethrower * Maintenance Jack * Revolver * Shotgun * Stun Baton
Components Blasting Cap * Bonding Agent * Charge Pack * Component B * Ethanol *
SCJ Injector * Scrap * Sensor
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