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The Derelict is an informal designation for the spacecraft discovered on the Acheron LV-426 moon.


Amanda Ripley is informed by Henry Marlow about how he and his crew found the Nostromo's black box, after following the distress beacon to the Derelict. When entering the ship's main area, they find what appears to be a large, fossilized creature in the middle of the room. Said creature appears to be in a chair of some sort, with an obvious hole in it's chest. A tie in to the original Alien film. He also goes on to inform her how they managed to, unintentionally, bring the creature aboard Sevastopol. Which, after finding the Derelict, they decided to look around for anything of value. It is in the ship's lower deck that they find a bunch of eggs. It's after closer inspection when Catherine Foster is attacked by something that came out of one of the eggs. This immediately ends their scavenger hunt and they rush back to the ship in search of the nearest medical facility.


Visited Anesidora * Derelict * Sevastopol * The Torrens
Mentioned KG348 * USCSS Nostromo