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The APOLLO Central A.I. is a central character in Alien: Isolation.

This section contains SPOILERS for the plot of Alien: Isolation. Proceed at your own risk.


The APOLLO Central A.I. was a Seegson Corporation mainframe artificial intelligence system tasked with monitoring Sevastopol Station and orchestrating the various Working Joes within. Additionally, the A.I. controlled both the communications station and the communications array.

Once the Alien appeared on board the Sevastopol, the A.I. system requested a comprehensive report on the station's well-being. Seegson Working Joe 937, designated as "Chuck", reported that he had "received multiple notifications of civilian trespass and vandalism on Seegson property. Since the incident, there has been a marked increase in civil disobedience." In response, the A.I. launched a defensive protocol.

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Two days after the launch of The Torrens for Sevastopol Station, Weyland-Yutani Corporation, having received word of the presence of the Alien from a contact on board the station, purchased Sevastopol from Seegson. The Company transmitted a new packet of secret instructions to APOLLO, ordering it to institute a biological quarantine and shut all external communications off. As the instructions had rescinded all other priorities, APOLLO's Working Joes began committing violent acts against any who were caught violating the quarantine or attempting to restore communications.

After Amanda Ripley successfully executed Marshal Waits' plan to eliminate the Alien, APOLLO began enforcing the quarantine more rigorously, ordering its Working Joes to eliminate any potential threats to the remaining specimens located in Reactor Maintenance.


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